So It Begins…

Hi guys 🙂

So. Early last week I finally plucked up the courage to start my own book blog ( 😀 ). And all was well until I was greeted with the seemingly – at the time – insurmountable task of creating pages. Now, this might seem like a pretty straight forward task for most people (and it actually was, in the end. Just a case of user error with me. Ha. Ha. Oops) but I seriously COULD NOT figure out why my pages weren’t appearing where they were supposed to, and whatnot. And, no lie, it took me nearly TWO DAYS of trying and just concluding that technology hated me, before I finally realised that I was making blog posts called, “Reviews” and “About”, not pages. Yeah.

And so, with that little obstacle out of the way, then came the problem of deciding what my first post should be. I didn’t want to just jump straight in with the reviews. I wanted to do something a little bit more fun, so I decided that I was going to tell you what my top ten favourite books/series are. That’s fun, right?

But now you have a first post about my lifelong feud with technology and common sense instead, so my Top 10 Fave Books post will technically be my second one 😀


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