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Cover Redesigns I Loved & Hated

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday was created by  The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  Each week they suggest a new theme with a list for bloggers to choose from. This week is all about cover redesigns that I loved and loathed!

(Left – old US, old UK. Right – new US)

 I’m not sure if the cover redesigns for the Ember in the Ashes series do apply to the UK editions, too, but they were the first books that popped into my head.  I loved the first UK edition, mainly because it was shiny and I’m a magpie, but I think I prefer the new covers over the old US editions — Laia looks so fierce, and it really fits the story well, though they did take some getting used to as they are so different to the originals.

(Left – old. Right – new)

I was never overly keen on the original UK paperback cover, so when the shiny foiled editions came out, I knew I had to get them (because, again, I am a magpie and I have no self-control when it comes to shiny things).

(Left – old. Right – new)

I have mixed feelings about the new covers for the TMI and Infernal devices series. One the one hand, I did actually like the first ones, but on the other, have you seen the image on the spines of the new ones once they’re all lined up?! I mean, the obvious solution here is to get multiple copies of both.

(Left – old. Right – new)

I admit that the covers for this book weren’t great in the first place, but I found a whole new appreciation for the originals after seeing the new covers. I hate to say it, but they’re awful. I did love the books though!

(Left – old. Right – new)

I haven’t read Radio Silence yet, but one of the things that drew me to it was actually the new cover! While the old one isn’t bad, I must say I do prefer the new one.


(Left – old. Right – new)


I think it’s a general agreement among the book community that the original cover for Anna and the French kiss was, um, not the best. But the updated cover is really cute, and makes me want one on my shelf.


(Left – old. Right – new)


The Throne of Glass covers are iconic in the sense that they always feature Celaena in full assassin mode on the front cover, with a fancy dress on the back cover, which I love, but the original cover was slightly less impressive.


(Left – old. Right – new)


So this cover redesign came with the paperback release. The cover on the right is the UK paperback cover, and it’s okay, but to me, it pales in comparison to the gorgeous hardback cover (probably, again, partly because the hardback has shiny gold foiling on it. What can I tell you).


(Left – old. Right – new)


I think the new cover redesigns for the Delirium trilogy really fit the series so much better than the original cover did and I love the colours of them, too!


I love this cover redesign, but I actually can’t tell which of them I prefer. I think that both the new and original covers represent the story really well!

What are your thoughts on these cover redesigns? Are there any more that stand out to you? Let me know in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Cover Redesigns I Loved & Hated

  1. Great list! The UK cover of Strange definitely pales in comparison! I also had ToG on my list and I much prefer the new one to the old one. You can really see how killer Celaena is and I much prefer it to the original 🙂

    My TTT post

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  2. ‘The Night Circus’ both covers are lovely! It’s great when that happens in books. It can be disappointing to set out to the bookstore in search of a book on your TBR only to find a less than ideal cover on it. 😂

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