My Favourite Places to Read

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday was created by  The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.  Each week they suggest a new theme for bloggers to write about. This week’s theme was ‘favourite things to eat/ drink while reading,’ but since I am the most clumsy person alive and don’t trust myself not to drop anything on my book (unless it’s an eReader — food is allowed around those. I just also couldn’t think of enough interesting options lol), I decided to go with the safer option of ‘my favourite places to read’ with a little bit of food/ drink thrown in.

Anywhere with a cup of tea

I know this is contradictory to my whole no food around books rule, but my self-restraint has its limits and that limit is apparently reached when it comes to hot drinks. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate —  there’s just something really comforting about settling down with a warm mug and a book. I’ll be honest, though, it has lead to many accidents involving tea spilling and ruined books. But let’s not talk about that.

In the car/ on the bus

This one is a little unusual, I know, but whenever I’m in the car I always see it as prime reading time which is funny considering the fact that I could never focus on the words while the car was moving before. Apparently I adapted and overcame this because I can now do it — I suppose when you grow up with four siblings you learn the enjoy the peaceful reading time when you can get it lol. Car journeys are also an excellent chance to eat snacks, which are totally safe to eat since I usually read on my Kindle or phone while travelling — my favourites are crisps or popcorn. I should also probably state that I can’t drive so I’m not reading and driving. That sounds pretty dangerous (I mean, unless it’s an audiobook).

At the beach

I’ve always loved going to the beach but I never really went very often since I lived so far away from the nearest one. That was, until my family moved to the coast a few years ago, and now we’re lucky enough to live five minutes away. I spend a lot of time on our nearest beach in the summer — I love a good beach picnic, and I always have a book glued to my hands whenever I go to spend time there.

Under a pile of blankets when it’s cold and rainy outside

Wearing comfy clothes and being curled up under a dozen blankets on a cold day is probably one of the best feelings. It always makes me really appreciate how comfy I am, and when you add a book and some rain to the mix, is there anything better?

In the garden

I never really venture outside much in the summer (BUGS. I hate them.) but this summer was just so warm, it was actually cooler outside in the shade, so I spent a lot more time in the garden with an ice-cold drink — and actually got a lot of reading done. I’m not saying I’d willingly sit outside in the sun with the bugs all the time, but I think back on my reading time in the garden fondly. Though I do much prefer the colder months of the year. They provide the perfect setting to settle down and read.

Where are some of your favourite places to read? What is your stance on snacks around books? Let me know in the comments!

- Nicole-2

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20 thoughts on “My Favourite Places to Read

  1. I do a lot of audiobooks in the car while I’m going to work. It’s a great way to catch up on the TBR. My main place to read though would be my room sitting on my bed. Love it even more if it’s Autumn and I can have the window open on a crisp day.

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  2. Great take on today’s TTT! I absolutely LOVE reading under my doona when it’s raining out (with the AC is on coz I live in the tropics) 😂 Reading by the beach is grand too, as long as it’s not an insanely crowded beach. Otherwise I’ll be too distracted with all the people watching (in the most non-creepy way) haha

    My TTT post

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  3. I completely love your spin on this week’s top ten Tues. I did a tag because I cant eat and read… I’m a klutz and would kill everything.

    Ok… I can manage a glass of wine as long as it isnt like my 5th glass lol but that’s about it.

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