September Wrap-Up

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Hello! Another month has come and gone and I actually managed to read quite a bit in September. I read 8 books and was lucky enough to have enjoyed them all! Without further ado, here they are:


I was about halfway through We Hunt the Flame at the end of August, so it was my first read of September and this book was so much fun. I cannot put into words how much I need the sequel after that ending. I also actually wrote a review before I forgot everything I wanted to say? Who am I? (You can read it here!).



Mooncakes was my second read of the month and was one I dove straight into the moment I was approved to read it on Netgalley. It was a heart-warming and magical graphic novel that is PERFECT for October, just saying. 😉 (review here!)



The Ten Thousand Doors of January was my favourite read from September. You know when you just loved a book so much that you don’t know how to do it justice in a review? That’s me with this book, hence the fact that my review is still yet to come.



Descendant of the Crane was one that had been sitting on my shelf for a few months just begging to be read and it really didn’t disappoint. I need a sequel. (review here!)



Then I moved on to my reread of The Hunger Games. Since it’s been at least five years since my last reread, I was really hoping that I still loved the series as much as I used to and to be honest, I actually think I appreciate it even more now?! I was quite impressed by how much I remembered, too!


catching fire-2.jpg

Catching Fire has always been my favourite of THG trilogy, which hasn’t changed! It’s such a weird experience going through the book again knowing all the crap these characters are about to go through and just wanting them all to be HAPPY and AT PEACE.



Mockingjay is definitely the heaviest of all the books but I really appreciated the way that the character’s journeys aren’t sugarcoated in the slightest. I will never not cry at the epilogue, and I made the mistake of reading it in public this time around which was An Experience. Essentially, I am still as obsessed with this series as I ever was.



Flame in the Mist is another book that I’ve had on my shelf for way too long but I finally picked it up in September and it was a really enjoyable and fast-paced read! (You can read my review here!)


Quick recap of some September posts:

What did you read in September? Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments and feel free to drop links to any September blog posts you’re particularly proud of!

- Nicole-2

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