October 2019 Wrap-Up

October Wrap-up.jpg

Happy Halloween! Can anyone believe how fast October has gone by?! It doesn’t even feel like it happened! So I started my third year of uni at the beginning of this month and I was extremely unprepared (as ever) for how much reading time this would take up. But, saying that, I DID manage to finish two books — it isn’t as many as I’d hoped to have read, but it’s more than I read in 6 months of uni last year, so I’ll take it! ANNNND, I kept blogging while at uni! WHO AM I? I’m so glad I managed to keep posting semi-regularly throughout this month and its made me feel so much more excited and motivated to keep it up. So anyway, here are the books I managed to read in October:


I was already reading Smoke in the Sun when October started, and it took me longer to read it as I got settled back in to uni, but I really enjoyed it. You can see my review here!



I bought a copy of Howl’s Moving Castle months ago and decided to save it for October because I thought it would be great for this month. And while it was quite a bit different than what I was expecting, it was a lot of fun and I got through it quite quickly


Quick recap of some October blog posts:

What did you read in October? Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments and feel free to drop links to any October blog posts you’re particularly proud of!

- Nicole-2

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