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My Reading and Blogging Goals for 2021

Top Ten Tuesday was created by  The Broke and the Bookish and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week they suggest a new theme for bloggers to write about. This week’s topic was 2021 resolutions, so I’ve decided to talk about my reading and blogging goals for the year.

While I managed to complete some of my goals for 2020, I didn’t quite manage to finish them all. But that won’t stop me from trying again this year! Here are my reading/ blogging goals for 2021:

  1. Read 30 books

My goal for the last few years has been 50 books, and I’ve only managed this once. I then got too big for my boots and decided to try and read 52 book in 2020 and well…let’s just say I didn’t manage it. So I’ve decided to aim for 30 this year – it’s a little bit more achievable.

2. Read more classics

I only ever read classics for school or uni, and I always hated reading them knowing that I’d have to write an essay on it (which is ironic because I was an English lit student). Now I’ve graduated, I won’t ever have to write another essay again! So, I’m hoping to read more classics, and I might even reread a few of the ones I hated in school, because maybe now I’ll feel differently about them.

3. Read more non-fiction

I talked about this in my 2020 wrap-up post, but I hardly ever read non-fiction — and that’s something I want to change! I read The Five in 2020, and it became one of my favourites of the year, so I’m hoping to read more non-fiction in 2021.

4. Read more adult fantasy

I adore the fantasy genre and I’ve read a lot of fantasy books and series, but I’ve been meaning to branch out a little and read more adult fantasy novels – especially ones written by women (so if you have any recs, please send them my way!).

5. Read more romance

I love a good romance. The romance genre is such a great mood lifting method of escapism, and I’m hoping for more of that this year.

6. Schedule and plan blog posts

I started doing this consistently for the first half of 2020, but stopped towards the end. I’m hoping to get back on track and be more active on my blog.

7. Write!

If anyone asks what my hobbies are, writing is always one of the things I say. But really, most of the time I’m only thinking about writing because I’m too scared to actually put pen to paper. I want to get over this fear – so, I’m going to aim to write more often.

8. Blog hop more

I want to be more active in the bookish community! I always mean to go blog hopping, but I’m so easily distracted. I’m going to try to do it more often.

9. Revive my Bookstagram

My Bookstagram hasn’t seen the light of day since 2016. So maybe it’s about time to check in on it and give it another go.

10. Keep up with Netgalley ARCs (a never-ending task!)

This was one of my 2020 goals, too. I think I’ve accepted that keeping up with Netgalley books is going to be a permanent goal for me.

What are your goals for 2021? Are you setting any? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “My Reading and Blogging Goals for 2021

  1. Great list, Nicole! I can relate to sooo many of them 😂 I also want to read more non-fiction this year (or at least try for four which is two more than last year!) and I think I also wanna branch out to more adult fantasy too. I had the thought of reviving my bookstagram as well this year but… After some more thought I don’t know if it’s going to happen (especially after hearing about the change in the algorithm (again) etc.). Good luck with achieving these goals though! You got this 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Good luck with your goals this year, too! To be honest, I think the bookstagram one might be a bit of a stretch for me lol, but who knows, maybe I’ll do it! 🤣 happy 2021! ☺️


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